To the Wedding Couple

Congratulations on your engagement! We are pleased you have chosen First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Bloomington, Illinois for your wedding. The ceremony is a celebration of God’s grace and a public commitment to
Christian marriage.

Our staff will help you create a special reflection of your love and a ceremony which best expresses the sacredness and joy of your wedding. The vows you make to each other will be witnessed by friends and family and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ.

The information contained in this booklet will provide you with answers to many of the commonly asked questions about having a wedding at First Christian Church (FCC). The following people will guide you in your planning.

Office Staff

The office staff will be your first contact with the church. They will ask for your names, contact information and send to the Wedding Coordinator.

Wedding Coordinator

To assure the fullest enjoyment of your special day, the Wedding Coordinator will assist you with the details for a church wedding at FCC. When the Wedding Coordinator receives your contact information from the office staff she
will contact you to discuss your dates and other pertinent information. As soon as dates are confirmed, she will notify you.

She can assist in arranging your pre-marriage
appointments with the officiating minister or, the minister may schedule them directly with you. One of the first items to determine is if you wish to have organ music. If yes, the wedding coordinator will contact the FCC organist for availability on your date.

NOTE: Once your date is confirmed a deposit of $200 is required to secure the date on the church calendar. This deposit is due within one (1) week of your notification of confirmation. See also Deposit under fees.

The fee for the wedding coordinator covers all time &
services required of the coordinator to help plan your
wedding. This includes their time when physically present, such as meeting with you, rehearsal and wedding, &/or time for any phone/email consultation.

Senior Minister

The senior minister at FCC is generally the officiating
minister. However, other arrangements may be made with their approval. The officiating minister determines the number of required pre-marriage sessions prior to your wedding and will also guide you in planning your ceremony.

Marriage License Requirements

The marriage license/civil union license must be obtained and given to the officiating minister at least two days prior to the rehearsal.

The marriage license must be obtained at the McLean County Clerk’s Office located in the Government Center Building in Bloomington. Phone this office early in your planning to schedule your appointment as their appointment times tend to fill quickly. The appointments take 20-30 minutes and are scheduled Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 3:30p.m. You
both are required to attend and to bring your unexpired driver’s license, state ID, or passport. When you phone for your appointment you will be informed of the cost.
Note: Checks and credit cards are not currently accepted. Licenses issued in other Counties can be used in McLean County

McLean County Clerk’s Office
115 E. Washington St., Room 102
Bloomington, IL 61702-2400 Phone: (309) 888-5190

Scheduling The Worship Space

Church sponsored and regularly scheduled events at FCC are given priority. While we seek to accommodate your request,
our experience has shown us the following days and dates are particularly problematic for scheduling weddings. The church is generally not available on a weekend associated with a Monday holiday or on the following dates:

New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day
Holy Week** (from Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday)
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving 4-day weekend
Christmas Eve**
Christmas Day & day after Christmas**

An extra fee is assessed for above dates. (see fee schedule)
** Church is not available.

Using The Worship Space

About The Space
Length of Aisle……….65 feet from stairs
Candelabra…………….2 stands w/refillable oil candles
Aisle Lights…………….14 w/refillable oil candles
Seating capacity
Sanctuary……………….main floor 21 rows, 376 adults
Balcony…………………..90 adults
Chapel…………………….44 chairs


The aisle is carpeted therefore a runner is not


Your wedding should reflect the serious and faithful
commitment you are making to one another. You may choose a wedding that is more traditional or something more contemporary. You may also like your day to be simple or more elaborate. The officiating minister and wedding coordinator will work with you to create a ceremony that is just
right for you.

NOTE: You are responsible for the design and printing of any program you wish to use for your ceremony.


The photography of your wedding is to capture this special time. However, it must not disturb the sacred atmosphere. For pre-ceremony photos the photographer and videographer will
have access to the church 3½ hours prior to the wedding service. Pre-ceremony photography must be completed not later than 45 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Pictures after the ceremony must be completed and all equipment removed no later than 1½ hours following the recessional.

We encourage couples to work with the photographer and videographer ahead of time to prepare lists of pictures to be taken. This will expedite pre & post ceremony photography.
Photographers & videographers may not interrupt the ceremony. Equipment is to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Music Selection

The minister and organist can guide you in music selection appropriate for your marriage ceremony. If you wish to have organ music, the church organist will provide the music. The Wedding Coordinator will provide contact information for the organist so you may begin discussions regarding music selections.

Rehearsal times for any soloist(s) are coordinated with the church organist and office. Recorded music requires the FCC sound technicians for use of the sound equipment. They are compensated according to the fee schedule. Please inform the wedding coordinator that you are considering, or have
made the decision, for recorded music.

If you request an organist other than the church organist, this person will need prior approval. The FCC organist will need the person’s name and contact information to discuss with them their ability, and certification, to play the Schantz pipe organ.

Wedding Rehearsal 

The wedding rehearsal is held the evening prior to the wedding. The time and date are scheduled when you schedule your wedding date. The rehearsal requires the entire wedding party and parents to attend. The organist, soloist(s) and other musicians must also attend.

The rehearsal is conducted by the officiating minister & is scheduled for 1 hour.

If you wish to have the officiating minister & musicians join you at the rehearsal dinner and/or reception, please send them a written invitation. They do not assume they are invited unless you actually invite them.

The Wedding Party

Generally, one of the couple and attendants use the Founders Room for dressing. A 3-way mirror is set-up here & directly across the hall is another room including a restroom. Likewise, one of the couple and attendants generally use the Conference Room. A separate restroom is available for them.

Please use extreme care in any of the rooms when using curling irons, hair straighteners, make-up, sprays, trimmers, razors and other objects & substances that could damage tables, furniture, or carpeting.