Worship in the One and All Service

Note:  this worship service is currently suspended until further notice.  Please join us at the 9:00 a.m. service (a more traditional service) as resumption of One and All is discussed. 

Worship leadership at First Christian Church is provided by clergy and lay people, young and old, male and female… All Means All.   Communion is central to worship. Everything we do…singing, praying, reading scripture and preaching…everything leads to communion. It is the highlight and climax of each service. In the spirit of our identity statement, the Lord’s Supper (communion) is open to all who believe in God as revealed in Jesus Christ. 

We invite you to join us for worship anytime. We would love to provide you with a warm welcome and hot cup of coffee this Sunday morning!

One and All Service:  At 10:15 a.m. we worship in Fellowship Hall.  This service is a progressive worship experience, with current music, led by the One and All band, sermon, and communion.  It is a relaxed service that focuses on unity and equality.

One and All is a Progressive Worship service, designed to warmly welcome adults and children of all ages and backgrounds. The attire is casual. One and All music is led by a worship band, including guitars, bass and drums. The music varies, ranging from pop to Indie rock. In addition to great music, the service features an enhanced visual component on the screen. There is an extended time of prayer each week when worshipers are invited to independently consider the day’s theme. Worshipers can choose to remain in their seats and reflect using image guided prayer, or move about the worship space to prayer stations. A variety of contemplative music serves as the backdrop to this time. There is a children’s area in the room each week, featuring age-appropriate activities to engage children in the worship theme. Radical hospitality is an important component of the service which includes coffee and light breakfast foods. Everyone is welcome!!

What is progressive worship?

  • Understands God as Mystery and embraces our questions.
  • Seeks to follow Jesus as the fullest expression of God’s infinite love.
  • Explores the meaning of scripture in its historical, spiritual, and contemporary contexts.
  • Uses expansive, inclusive language to describe God and human beings.
  • Practices gracious and radical hospitality by welcoming everybody, one and all.
  • Stresses love, compassion, and justice.
  • Engages with the world, rather than condemning, judging, or escaping from it.
  • Recognizes that there are many ways to experience God, including other traditions. We are one of many ways.
  • Builds community and cares for one another.

Serving in Worship

Because the Disciples of Christ denomination recognizes the value of lay persons serving alongside clergy, there are many opportunities to serve in worship.  There is always a need for team members in the areas of audio (contact Brian Metz at 309 530-4986) and video (contact Jenifer Petri at 309 533-4912) support for both worship services.  Members are encouraged to explore the roles of deacon and elder to learn about the responsibilities and duties of serving in this manner.  Deacons and elders are nominated each year and serve 2 year terms.  

If you have questions about getting involved, please email info@blmfcc.org.  If you have a specific area of interest or talent, please complete this “Volunteer Signup” form.   We will connect you with the right person.