Social Justice

Part of the fragmentation of our world today has to do with systems and ways of “being” that do not promote and ensure justice for everyone. First Christian Church is committed to the work of making a way for everyone to be fully who God created them to be, bringing about wholeness in a fragmented world. We partner with a number of groups and organizations on this important ministry. If you would like to get involved, contact the church office.


With the recent turmoil in our nation around racism and social justice, we have turned our focus to these issues. One of the 4 priorities of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has been and continues to be “Becoming a Pro-reconciling/Anti-Racist Church”. You can find more about the church’s ministry here, including suggestions for reading, news, and information about the how to support the work this ministry does:  Reconciliation Ministry

We continue to meet to talk about ways our church can be engaged in reconciliation in our own community. We’d like to offer the following suggestions, linked below. You can use these in your own personal reflections, for small group discussions, or to take action and get involved in the community.

       1.  Reconciliation Ministry Resources – this includes lists of books, articles, videos, podcasts, and more.

       2.  Local groups – Not In Our Town, YWCA McLean County, WGLT/Racism  (see below)

3. Open & Affirming – Disciples LGBTQ Alliance resources

Not In Our Town

Not in Our Town (NIOT) is a grass roots community organization that is working to build inclusive, safe community. NIOT tends to issues of racism, discrimination toward members of the LGBTQ community, bullying in schools, and other ways human beings are excluded or oppressed. 


The General Church (Disciples of Christ)

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) supports many organizations and ministries that are working on issues of justice.